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Dress Code:

  • Leotard, Biketard or Unitard

  • (If you child's leotard is too small or confining please have them wear shorts underneath)

  • Footless tights are permitted

  • Older Students should wear a T Shirt if necessary!

  • Parents please refrain from excessive hair accessories (i.e. beads,balls) in your child’s hair. This complicates their ability to tumble

  • Competitive Leotards are not to be worn to class

  • BOYS: Fitting Top, Tank Shirt and Athletic shorts

  • Dress/Jeans shorts and shirts are NOT permitted



To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Kristi’s Academy of Dance/KADG Performing Arts has enacted a strict dress code policy. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the following policies:

Leotards and tights are preferred and are absolutely essential if your child is taking a dance class. Exercise or aerobic attire is permitted for other classes. Put your name in all dance shoes and dancewear in case of loss. If you change shoes during class for a different subject, a dance bag is strongly recommended to avoid “shoe mix-ups.”

Please note: jeans, jean shorts, pants, or other types of “school attire” are not allowed. If you are unable to change before coming to class, bring class clothes with you to change in the studio bathroom. Teachers will be communicating any deviance of this dress code to the management.

  • Nice T-Shirt or Tank Top - Not Too Big

  • Gym Shorts

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Dress/Jeans shorts and shirts are NOT permitted

OTHER General Dress Code Notes
-Please refrain from wearing overly ornamented leotards.

-Sequined, beaded or feathered leotards are not permitted.

-T-shirts and shorts should be worn to class as a cover-up but are not permitted in class.

-Hair must be pulled off the face and shoulders.

-Ponytails and buns are appropriate hairstyles for dance class.

-Students should not have to re-do hair during class time.

-Watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings are not allowed in class.

-Students may wear small stud earrings. No long, dangling or hoop earrings are permitted.

-KAD is not responsible for students' belongings. All jewelry should be left at home.

-Please limit the amount of clothes you send your Creative Movements - Level 3 students to dance in. -Some of these girls are not able to dress themselves and it takes awhile for some of them to get dressed.
-A simple one piece or warm-ups are recommended.
-Simple shoes for them to get on and off. ALL SHOES and Dancewear may be ordered through the Studio or purchased through a local Dance Retailer.
-Tan U-Shell Tap Shoes and Tan Pedinis are specialized shoes and can only be obtained by ordering them through the 

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