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KAD inspires a life-long love of dance in each student and we believe that every student can enjoy the spirit and soul of dance, regardless of body size or image. A whole child approach permeates the dance studio which has created a family atmosphere full of joy and creativity.

Kristi’s Academy of Dance is a place for children to grow and learn in dance, and along the way they will feel part of something very unique and special.

We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, pointe, creative movement, tumbling, ninja, gymnastics, and cheer. Our programs are designed to promote self-esteem, discipline, strength, body and movement awareness, coordination, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts, physical activity and creativity.

The poise, self-confidence, and sense of achievement that are gained as a dancer or tumbler progresses are invaluable contributions to an individual's overall development, promoting a well-disciplined body and mind.

KAD! Kristi's Academy of Dance

What Makes

Us Special!


4. Creativity:
We believe that creativity is very important and fosters a sense of self in several ways, so we focus on building a creative environment in all our activities. Whether you are involved in our performances, camps, classes, or master classes, there is a focus on creative and critical thinking. Our students are encouraged to apply a personal style to their technique, work on characterizations for performing, learn improvisational   skills in master classes and weekly classes, and most importantly, all our students learn how to appreciate and nurture each others’ creative efforts, so there is a sense of safety and community in creation.

Four C's of a Quality Dance Studio!

1. Cost:
We all work hard for our money and can appreciate a good value. We know that you want your child to receive the best education without breaking the bank. We strive to offer quality dance instruction at a wonderful price, and as a staff we make every effort to keep your costs low so your child can continue to pursue their arts education with us, worry-free.

2. Curriculum:
Our qualified staff is dedicated to pursuing excellence in education and passing that on to our students. We all pursue furthering our educations through Master training, DEA membership, Stunt /Tumbling Safety Certifications and taking technique and teaching classes to better serve you. We are committed to providing quality dance, cheer ninja, and tumbling education in a supportive, loving, and friendly environment. Our students learn the art and discipline of dance, acrobatics and cheerleading including proper technique, correct terminology, class etiquette, appreciation of the arts, teamwork, time management, performance qualities, dance history, audition and interview skills, and clear communication skills. Our values solidify our strong belief in age appropriate dance movements, song lyrics, and costume selections. We want everyone to feel appreciated, accepted, and a part of THE KAD FAMILY.

3. Convenience:
We offer many advantages including a wide selection of class offerings and time choices, a flexible make up policy for missed classes . We have recently added: online registration and payment options!

We will be in touch soon!



Has your child ever wanted to be a Ninja? Well here is their chance! Our Ninja program offers all the athleticism of a gymnastics class, all the discipline of a martial arts class, and all the excitement of freestyle movement! Click Here to Learn More!

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